12 Days of Hells-mas (Sunish Said It, Not Me) In SF

“I think this is what the devil does on Christmas. This exact workout.”

I’m not sure which was more difficult to do this morning, complete the continuous stream of burpees or listen to Paddy half sing, half-mumble Christmas carols he didn’t know the words to. Why do we love Paddy? Because he printed out the lyrics last night and he still had difficulty keeping tune. Oh, Padraig.

Wisconsin notes of this morning’s workout:

-Hilary completed those sprints like she was trying out for the NFL and aiming to get her 40 time down. She saw blood.

-Katy Kunkle false started every sprint. Which makes me think she has never started a race fairly in her life. Because that’s the type of person Katy is, a lying cheater.

– It is Kylie Baker’s birthday and the girl is so fabulous she baked the tribe an incredible cake. Because that’s what you do in NZ on your birthday. Give other people things.

– Chris Stivers and Alex Boches….well played with the Santa costumes.

Next week: JMak and Ben Dickens will be your leaders for all 3 workouts! I am pretty sure they will do such a killer job that we won’t be your leaders in 2015.

Friday hills: Uhhhh, TBD.


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