118 random days of free fitness- BAL

That’s right you sweaty bundles of love, November Project Baltimore has provided our lovely community with 118 days of free fitness. That’s 118 days of hugs, hand hugs, hips in hugs, eye hugs, burpee hugs…I just made most of those up.

But seriously, 118 days is a completely arbitrary number that we only stumbled upon  when one of our tribe members ( Travis ” I just show up for life” Ridgway) did the math and alerted us of this random landmark. If we were normal people ( which we are most definitely not) we would have waited for a cool, slick, Bentley of a number like 125, or 200. But no, 118 it is and I’m feeling pretty good about it. Naturally we decided to dedicated a workout to it, so congrats on getting through that S.O.B of a workout.


Go ahead, I dare you to be unhappy.

In honor of day 118 I would like to take a moment and review some core tenants in all of their glory as seen by me, Nick Rod. I am nearly as random as the number 118.

– The tribe is run on human kindness and good juju. People come to November Project for a workout but come back because you people are awesome, kind and energetic.  Please, don’t ever doubt the value of a kind word, a high five or simply telling someone they are doing a good job. Take that with you throughout your day.

Yes, dropping a verbal is important. The modern gym is profitable because you don’t show up. Planet Fitness, for example, bases its model on the idea that, while 6500 memberships might be sold, only 300 of those people are going to show up on any given day. Compare that with paying in verbals. Verbals are so seldom broken that our “We Missed You” page is drying up. I say this for two reasons: A. please start throwing your friends under the bus  when they break a verbal. B. Dropping a verbal, while scary sometimes, is what holds our tribe accountable. Sometimes a little accountability is what we need. 

Hugging and the occasionally dash of profanity. This may be the hardest pill to swallow for some newbies and frankly, it may be what drives some people away. However, these two things are absolutely integral to the November Project concoction. I was discussing with a friend the other day about how great a city would be if everyone who lived in it just came outside at 6:30 am, walked up to their neighbor, gave them a huge hug and then went about their day. It’s pretty hard to get mad at someone you hugged first thing in the morning. Next time you get mad at your neighbor for letting their grass grow too long or having a toilet as a flower planter, start that argument with a hug and then see where it goes.

Screaming “Fuck Yeah” is just something we do because it feels good. Life can be constricting and uniform. NP is not.

Being Weatherproof also matters. We understand some of you don’t like the winter or sweltering hot summer mornings  but I derive a great deal of pride from being told by my Grandmother that i’m crazy for working out in all kinds of weather. In the very least being Weatherproof makes you cooler than your cousins at Thanksgiving.

It’s good to have goals. It’s better to talk about them. Two people participated in their last November Project workout this morning ( at least for a little while) and their departure reminded me of something important. It is very good to have goals but to accomplish them we highly suggest telling someone about it.

Becca and Meg came to NP at different times, from different places with different goals. Meg has made us proud by finally getting back into running, continuously getting faster,  completing a race just this past weekend. All of that started with Meg showing up a few months ago and telling me that her goal was to get back into this fitness thing. She hasn’t missed a workout in months and has held herself accountable. We’re going to miss her and all of her wonderful, kind energy.


Becca has been at NP for over a year now and if you don’t know her you’ve been blindfolded. She’s a fiery bundle of energy that we are going to sorely miss. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing her through NP, Yoga, Spin, Lululemon and as a friend. Becca is moving to the beach to teach yoga because that was her goal, a goal she voiced and made happen.

becca handstand

Killing two birds with one stone here. We’re going to miss the hell out of these two. But I’d also like to use them as an example. If you want to run your first 5k, your first half marathon, your first marathon, your first ultra, show up next week and tell someone about it. Ask them to hold you to it. Launch into an adventure together. Drop a verbal for your goals.

And finally…take NP with you. Ultimately 7:30 am always rolls around and we  go about our lives no matter how good the morning is. The ultimate goal of this group is to push us all to take a little bit of positivity with us. We firmly believe that positivity and kindness can be learned but in order to learn it you have to practice. You don’t have to talk to every stranger you see on the street…just start by telling one “good morning.” It’s a drop in the bucket but you never know how it may change the world.

Couldn’t be prouder of this group.

As always…Take Big Bites out of Life. 


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