Huntington, Huntington

If you thought San Francisco was all about massive hills, beautiful views and epic sunrises, think again. We also have magical forests filled with fog, rivers, islands, and two story waterfalls. Oh, and algae. Ahhh, I love the smell of algae in the morning! Smells like my cubicle neighbor that week he went on a juice cleanse. I know half of you SF readers just went, CUBICLE!? What kind of Stalinistic firm do you work for!? Relax. Just because my chair isn’t a plyometric ball (and not actually a chair at all) doesn’t mean I don’t have fun. I ran an index(x) / match(x) function combo in excel today that would knock your socks off! But I digress. This morning we ran through the fog and rain to Huntington Falls in Golden Gate Park, where one NPSF-er declared “it was like running through Narnia!” Which we all know is notoriously foggy this time of year. What the F am I even talking about anymore?! Jeez. Go have a great weekend. Ugh.

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