Or as we learned in the lion king 1.5 “Whatsonthemenu,itsmyfrindpumba”
These are the magic words that you use when you are trying to wake up the sun. Someone forgot to tell the sun that we start at 6:29, which I guess is a leader fail (sorry team). So with the Sun coming up for the first time after our workout started we reminded the sun to come up this morning in the way that we were taught as kids… by singing the Lion King song.

After that we had an “average” day today. By average I mean amazing. ‪#‎jazzhands‬ were a plenty to go along with our workout called ‪#‎ARMageddon‬. Incline or decline push up’s and tricep dips interspersed with some hooked ankle high 5 partner sit up’s.

We are constantly trying to evolve our workouts to meet the amazing talent level of our amazing tribe. I can not explain how great it is and the boost that my week gets any time I get to brag about the amazing humans that I hang out with on a weekly basis. And as Graham said last week it is constantly a struggle to interact with people that did not go to NP workout on Wed. We are just too awesome!


The tribe is STRONG.


IMG_2935 IMG_2936 IMG_2939

You know what time it is …

“It’s Wing Wednesday!”
“And then the butt wipe…”
“Sound effects are mandatory”
“Are you really worried about grass on your butt?”
“PIZAZZ!! Jazz Hands!”
“I think he called you an ‘idiot’ and then gave you an award for it”
“1 2 3 … BOOM!”

Good luck, Graham!! You’re going to kill it out there!! FUCK YAH!!

Mr. November

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