Sometimes it’s really nice to try something new; to get yourself out of your comfort zone, learn a new thing, see the world from a different perspective. Props to you all for being down for that. Many of you tried Zumba today for the first time, and for Louise and I, it was our first time teaching.


We were both pretty nervous. What if we forgot the moves? What if we get in trouble and have to scatter? What if Weston’s artisanal hand-cut cage-free jorts rip when we’re “getting low?” But something we kept reminding each other was this – this tribe shows up and supports each other. NP can be an amazing container to take a risk and try something new. And worst case scenario? We all laugh and pat each other on the back.


Yes, some moves were forgotten, and we had to make an impromptu venue change, and there were some wardrobe malfunctions, but none of that mattered. Y’all kept dancing and laughing and moving your butts (note: go watch those videos of Paddy on instagram).

Thanks to all y’all and the leaders for making our Monday morning so bomb.

<3 Louise and Weston

Zumba Wumba (NPSF)
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