Figure 1: Patricia is apparently “having fun or something” as she rounds the cone at Lake Park Bistro on the morning of Friday, March 10.

Post-Friday workout, post-Lion’s Blaze Roundabout Race, post-hug mid-warmup-run, post-picture upload, Patricia Marik commented on a photo of herself saying, and I quote, “It’s like I’m having fun or something….”


Yes, Patricia, you are having fun.

We want you to have as much fun as possible. And that is why we come up with such things as “Dip Sack Tappers”, and doing vigorous jazz hands, and making you roar like a bear, and yelling really really early in the morning. It’s why DG spends half of every week brainstorming homemade songs for #milwakeupcall’s. It’s why Roger dances like a madman. It’s why Christine has a horse head. We want you to let loose and take yourself less seriously.

Yes, I will say that again.


The beauty of November Project is being unfiltered. It allows everyone to become and be their most ridiculous, genuine selves. It is a judgment free zone where anything you do (as long as it’s not illegal) is allowed, as long as you and everyone around you is having fun. And working hard.

Having a blast and a half doesn’t relieve you of the fact that it is your duty as a NPer to work – hard – but it does make the work feel less like work and more like #adultrecess. We never want you to get into a zone where competition gets the best of you. Yes, we know you want to beat your last PR time, and we also want that for you and we’ll do everything we can to get you there. But until that point (and during PR day), we will be all the more excited to see your achievements if we see a mean ol’ grin lacing your pretty mugs.

So have fun. Have so much fun you pee a little from laughing. Have so much fun you bother everyone with your stories (“Can I tell you about what I did this morning?”). Have so much fun you become addicted to the endorphin rush and you need your NP fix. Have so much fun you start bringing the childlike joy you feel and show on Wednesdays and Fridays into the rest of your week. Have so much fun you skip instead of walk, you run instead of skip, and you jump from your bed to the floor every. single. day.

Be the maniac you wish to see in the world.

You’re a maniac, I’m a maniac, we’re a band of maniacs
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