So I was going to write this post about how PRs are what you make of them and not always on the time clock and all that jazz. I had this great conversation with Anna, who is new and everyone should get to know–she’s awesome, about how she was able to run more today than she has done in the past on the PR course. So cool.

But I also got a holiday card today. And it was from you guys. Fitting that my holiday card comes in February. Everything is different in SF. But I was so touched by all the nice things people wrote in there so I just wanted to say thank you. You guys are pretty great. My favorite was definitely Katy Kunkle though who just wrote “KUNKLE” in all caps with no message. Message received, lady.

But seriously, I really appreciate it. It’s honestly such a privilege to be a part of this group and I take my role as a co-leader both very seriously and probably not seriously enough (sorry, Laura/corporate). All of you are what make NP so special and I’m just grateful to have a role in it. And that you let me do bounces to songs like this.

Announcements (tons of ’em)
-Happy hour tonight at Brewcade (thanks Holly and Perry)
-Joshathlon Saturday. FB event here.
-Monday alley racing. We’ll drop a pin but meet in Dolores Park at 6. FB event here. Wear glowy things and bring cool lights.
-Hills Friday at Divisadero. Thing is a monster. Meet at Divis and Lombard.

You Guys Are Alright
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