March started out with a bang…actually several bangs of lighting and thunder. One of which sounded pretty damn close to us when we started the 5:28am workout.  So we taunted the sky, Lieutenant Dan style, and got going with an especially messy Hot Mess workout.


(Pictured above – a shit load of rain)

The Workout:

Hot Mess – South side workout.  One partner runs up the south stairs, touches the Gold Door, and back down the south stairs.   All the while, the other partner does exercises on the south side sidewalk.  Today’s exercises were burpees, plank jacks, and push-ups during each lap up the stairs.  Then we switch and repeat.  Easy peasy.

Burn out – Since March signals the start of spring we decided to warm up each workout in the month with a burn out at the end.  Today we ended with a Tabata where everybody got in the circle, then we went around the horn and someone yelled their name and an exercise and we did that for 20 seconds until prompted to switch.  Fun stuff, we’ll be incorporating this into our workouts to learn names and mix it up.  Thanks to NP NOLA for unknowingly lending this idea to me.

The Notes:

Severe storms overnight which ended up extending into the early morning gave us a chance to show proof that we are weather….uh, proof.  The 5:28am group definitely got the worst of it with the heavy stuff, but the rain fell pretty much all morning.  This is especially interesting because the 5:28am group QUADRUPLED the size of the 6:15am group this morning.  I guess the loud lightning strike at about 5:32am scared a few people off.  Nonetheless, all that decided to #justshowup today…you should feel especially bad ass for braving that storm.

We pretty much nailed our “Officer and a Gentleman” impressions this morning.  Specifically Cara and Andy.

Happy Birthday to KGergs!  One of our longest standing core members!


In sadder news, we are saying goodbye to Rem, another long time NP_IND mainstay as he packs up his family and moves north to Goshen.  We will miss you and your especially bright colored shirts.  Good luck to ya!


Friday’s workout will be on the North end of the Canal outside Bugg’s Temple and in front of IU Health.

Saturday is the Polar Plunge benefitting Special Olympics.  NP will have a team, so come plunge with us or, if you can’t make it, you can donate to our effort.  We will also likely do some socializing via a brunch/bevies type situation so if you can’t make it to the plunge but want to join for that…please do!

Great job today, hope everybody who made it has dried out.  Everybody stayed at home, your FOMO will be heavy, but you can ease those effects by showing up next week with a friend.  We will see you Friday, Saturday AND/or next Wednesday!

  • Shaw
You call that rain?? We call it sweat!! (IND)
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