IMG_0095Wisconsin notes:

  • Tabata Tom is back, and the river is up, affecting our tataba circuit
  • Kelly Cowan earned that Shabooya, woot woot
  • Bridge Sprints
  • Rick is away
  • Tom and Nadia making magic happen

Today was an interesting one. It was one of those workouts we had to adapt on the fly. Who would have thunk the river would be so high already? We did not expect the river walk to be under water, and then trying to get off the walkway, we got trapped by all the fences they had up. Thanks everyone for being great sports about it and not falling on the ice.

Tom and Nadia made it back from Costa Rica where they’ve been doing some doctor stuff but mostly drinking beer and yelling at monkeys. Tom being back meant more tabatas (it’s a thing now) and weirder bounces. The four people who were there for the first time today must have been really stunned and maybe a little scared. Shout out to Cass for bringing 30 decks of card (seriously we only needed 4) so we could do that workout. We worm-walked for the first time, and it is definitely not the last.


At 11am this morning, Tom and Nadia found out where they would be ‘matched’ for the rest of their medical programs. They’ve both worked their asses off over the years, passing every exam they took on the first try (which is extremely difficult and rare), studying hard, keeping each other motivated, and interviewing all across the country to keep their options open. They both wanted to be matched together in Winnipeg, which is a big ask. Needless to say, all their hard work and dedication paid off and they are both staying in Winnipeg for the next five years! This is great news for them, but also for all of us at NP YWG. Those bounces and heartfelt speeches by Tom would surely be missed.

Speaking of hard work, it was great to see everyone going so hard doing those bridge sprints this morning. Everyone got through at least 3 or 4 sprints, and the competition was intense. It’s pretty cool to see the tribe getting faster as a collective. My favourite part of the workout was noticing how fast Tom Bambrick was getting. He started coming to NP just a few months ago after having tried it out in Edmonton, and has been coming ever since. I’ve really noticed the changes already, and that’s payday for us leaders. It doesn’t matter how fast or slow you are, you can always be better than the person you were yesterday, so keep pushing yourselves every workout.


Someone else who’s been a true core member for years now is Kelly Cowan. She’s already won the Posivity Award, and today Dom passed the Shabooya Award off to her. Kelly hypes it and then lives the hype, always smiling, laughing and going hard at each workout.


Cool, cool, cool.


Work hard and earn it YWG)
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