One of the nice things about warmer weather and more light at the workouts, is that we can start seeing who we have been sweating with all winter. I truly believe that everyone who can stick it out through our winters is amongst the most badass tribe members in the entire November Project movement. Whenever I have visited another tribe, or talk to people at #NPSummit, they talk about our winters. They talk about how we are legit crazy for doing what we do. I think we can sometimes forget that what we do is borderline crazy. So for everyone who came, week in and week out this winter, you are the best kind of crazy imaginable.

There will be a moment this summer, when you are surrounded by 500 people at a stair workout and you make eye contact with a tribe member who was at one of those crazy winter workouts… a tribe member who you tagged off after you went sliding on the ice outside Telus Field… a tribe member Jen made you do Tick Tocks with at the RG stairs… or the tribe member who sang Jump Around around you because the sound from my phone couldn’t be heard across Emily Murphy park. It will be one of those special moments where, even if you don’t know the person, you recognize them. You don’t even have to say a word to each other. You’ll make eye contact, and maybe you’ll smile, or maybe you wont, but both of you will remember those workouts and think to each yourselves “that person is a fucking badass”.

There’s a special, unspoken bond that you develop with those people that battled through the winter with you. As the light starts to creep into our workouts, and the buffs and layers are no longer covering our faces, you finally have a chance to see the faces of these people who you only recognize by their winter coat, or their running stride…. or in the case of Sexy Seumas, his shorts and beautiful locks. (It’s actually great time to introduce or re-introduce yourself to everyone.)

For those that have been coming all winter:

We see you.

We’re glad you’re here.

And we can’t wait for you to share these moments this summer.


And to those that will be coming for the first time or coming back after hibernation, when we share that moment of eye contact with you running up the stairs, we’ll be thinking “Damn, you look sexier than Sexy Seumas today”.




Find the Good,


Winter Moments (YEG)
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