As we close in on the feature presentation of Dooster’s film “Showing Up” powered by The North Face, we will feature four stories from November Project Seattle on their story, why they show up, and what #justshowup means to them.

Next up is Katie Fuller’s story.


Why do I show up?  Sometimes I don’t know why I show up.  The only thing I know is that once I get there I have never been sorry I did!!  Habit, exercise, community, a reason to say the F word at the top of your lungs at 6:29am (I suppose this is a safe place to use the word Fuck).  But the overlying reason is… It makes me a better person… AND I feel like an ass if I don’t go!!

How long have I been coming to NP?  I have been coming since April 2016.

What made me come out for the first time?  Kristina Doty (I can’t thank her enough).  She said literally just show up and because I am a must-know kind of person, I was game.

Why did I return?  Because it kicked my ass, and I didn’t like it one bit.  I was determined to make it to a work out and be able to run during all the running portions.  People would say things like, “sweet, I get to run now. I need a break,” from whatever exercise they had us doing.  I was like, “holy cow, I can’t run, jog, shuffle another step.  You all are crazy thinking this is a ‘break.'” I was hooked.

What have I gotten out of NP?  Is it lame to say everything?? Fitness, accountability, motivation, friends, “The Dream Team” (shout out to Paul and Amy), smaller clothes, laughs, hugs, community in “frozen” Seattle, and a guarantee that 2 times a week I start my day with a “good morning.”  But the most important thing for me is consistency; a place where it’s the same every time, you know just what to expect.  When I was younger, that was the ball field; it was always 60 foot bases, a 12 inch ball, and a glove.  Now it’s NP.  No matter what is going on in any other parts of my life, I have the consistency of Wednesdays at 6:29am.  I know that I am going to hug the tribe and work hard as long as I “just show up.”

What does “just show up” mean to me?  It means cut the BS.  Everyone who has come to NP has probably had an excuse not to come, but they come anyway.  That is inspiring to be around. It’s an inclusive phrase.  It does not matter how you got here, the important part is that you did.  There are no ifs.  No one says “just show up” if you can do the perfect burpie or if you have a job or any of the other ifs out there.  It is a privilege to “just show up” to have the physical ability, the freedom, the opportunity, to take advantage of NP and the other places you now “just show up” to.  When you get to a workout and you see everyone else that was able to “just show up,” it is pretty fucking awesome, and “Awesome Ain’t Easy” – Steve Gleason!


Why I Show Up: Guest Blog by Katie Fuller (SEA)
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  • February 15, 2017 at 8:33 am

    Nicely written blog I loved reading something you wrote and you do it so well…


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