As we close in on the feature presentation of Dooster’s film “Showing Up” powered by The North Face, we will feature four stories from Seattle on their story, why they show up, and what #justshowup means to them.

First up, we hear from Joe Rieke.


I show up because I spent so much time wanting to, only to be foiled by a newborn’s sleeping habits.  I show up because seven months ago I timidly asked the lone figure at the top of a big hill if “this is where November Project meets?” and was greeted with “fuck yeah” and a hug.  I show up because Casey’s got the best bounce in all the land.  I show up because I love answering “…are you good!?”  I show up because I am stronger now than I was before (that check can be cashed in so many different ways).  I show up because the tribe is strong, whether you’re with all of them, a few of them, or by yourself running down a dark street.  I show up for the faces I now call friends, and the faces I will soon call friends.  I show up because I want to earn the grassroots gear that helps me better my mile time/pushes me further/gets me through the set/makes me say good morning to strangers.  I show up because what-the-fuck-else-is-there-better-to-do @ 6:29 am?  I show up because one day the Buffs I ordered are going to be there.  I show up because I don’t have to brush my teeth after I shower – I already brushed them; best part of my day.  I show up because of the way my coffee from my thermos tastes at 7:29.  I show up because I watch the others around me show up and show up and show up and show up….accountabil-a-buddy, try having 1,000+ of them.  I show up for November Project because it helps me show up for all the time in a day/week/month/year that I’m not at November Project.


Why I Show Up: Guest Blog by Joe Rieke (SEA)
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