This morning we met at the top of the Art Museum steps in front of the huge Christmas tree overlooking the city. For the workout, we ran around the square at the top of the steps and did a certain workout whenever the cowbell was rung. Each side of the square offered a different workout, and once you heard the cowbell, you had to stop on whichever side of the square you were on and do that specific workout. Here’s the side by side by side by side breakdown: Alternating pushups and squats (10 of each, back and forth), single leg hop up the steps (alternating 5 steps per leg), dips, and everyones favorite: Wall sits. The break from running and beginning of the bodyweight workout began when the bell was rung and ended when it was rung another time. You could have been doing walls sits for 30 seconds or 3 minutes, it all depended on whether Beth thought you’ve been naught or nice.


TONIGHT: Workout round two and Get Lit Round 2 starting at 6:25 PM, meeting at Lululemon Walnut St.

FRIDAY: Lemon Hill 6:25AM

NEXT WEEK: Ugly sweater themed workout for Wednesday. Dress to impress





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