Yeah, we did a workout today. Like we do each Wednesday and Friday. It was a pretty sweet workout in the ~1 inch of snow Minneapolis got early this morning. Just enough snow to make climbing up and down a grassy hill a slipping, sliding bunch of fun. We went with one of our mainstay workout this morning called “The Big Horn” where tribesmen ascended and descended the grassy Gold Metal Hill 3 times and wound up the spiral trail after those 3 climbs in a pattern until Leader Ben yelled “KuhKaw!” At this sound, everyone gathered at the top of the hill to complete 2-3 minutes of workouts Ben definitely did not make up on the spot. These intermissions we’ll call them happened 1/3, 2/3, and at the very end of the 30 minute workout. 

The blog really isn’t about the workout today though. TODAY we have an incredible, loving, and down right awesome individual sharing his story with the NP world. His name is Scott Pierson and if you’re from Phoenix, may have had the pleasure of meeting this dude. He’s been through a lot but still always wears a smile on his face. 


What is a Family? 

Scott Pierson

I’d like to share a story…


Almost two years ago, I bit the bullet for my first #JustShowUp. I had been working out regularly in what most would consider the usual ways: go to the gym, put on my skates, a run, etc. All very good. All very…solo. I stumbled upon an article in the newspaper about this group that works out outside. Hard workouts, and always outside without fail.

scott 1

I was intrigued. What kind of group is this that would do that? Summer I get, but winter? In Minnesota? Crazy. I read on. It sounded like a group with a whole bunch of energy. Something that I don’t think I even recognized I was needing. I read on. The group looked young (I’m not). The looked fast (I’m not that either). The workouts are early (I’m not exactly a morning person) and hard. It was enough that I kept passing on the opportunity to come check it out. Finally, I had run out of mental excuses, so I got up and made my way downtown to check it out. All of my initial impressions from the article were correct…for the most part. At my beginning looking around, I was a bit of an outlier. But it didn’t matter. I was welcomed warmly because…because I was there. My first workout was hard. Probably the hardest one I had ever done. But all along the way, I was being told “good job” and “you got this” by people I didn’t know or had just met. It was nothing I had ever experienced before. The next week (and it might have taken the full week to have recovered) I went back. And met people, and worked hard, and sweated, and hugged, and smiled. I’ve been going back ever since. I’ve gotten stronger and faster (unfortunately, I can’t work on the younger part).


But it’s more. It’s more than just a good workout and a high five. It’s about people. Phenomenal people who do sincerely care for each other.


My family and I recently went through an event that demonstrates that. Long story short, we had to relocate for a while to the Phoenix area for medical reasons. While we were there, I was able to hook up with the Phoenix tribe. It was a lot like my first time in Minneapolis: new guy, new city, new group. But with the same results: large amounts of acceptance, challenge, and support. And the same type of warm, caring people.

scott 3

Meanwhile back at home, my Minneapolis tribe organized the biggest and best get well card I have ever seen…

scott 2

All of this is unprecedented, and would have been completely foreign to me not even two years ago


Which leads me to a question…What is a family?


According to

1) a basic social unit consisting of parents and their children

I suppose our workouts can be a bit childish, with need for some “parental guidance” from our leaders. But that’s not it


Looking deeper…

2) all those persons considered as descendants of a common progenitor.

Maybe…Bojan and Brogan could be this, with all of the tribes as their descendants. But that’s not it


Looking deeper…

3) a group of people who are generally not blood relations, but who share common attitudes, interest & goals

Yep. That’s it. But it’s even more than that. A family is support, each member lifting up another when they need it.


That’s what November Project is. It’s a whole huge extended family where you can go for acceptance and support no matter who you are or where you’re at. It’s universal.


And it’s why I’m here.

“What is a Family?” Guest Blog by Scott Pierson
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