At the end of today’s workout I told the tribe how it had been one of the those morning where any excuse in the world felt like a better idea than getting up and braving 80 km/hr winds, blowing snow and a windchill of -30. . . IN MARCH!!!

For me, there never really is a choice though. I am one of the leaders and when I am in town and not working, Wednesday morning, 6:14 AM, at the Forks is a constant in my life. I have long contended that the decisions you all make are for more impressive each and every week. When you choose to put aside the cold excuse, the tired excuse, the “I’ll head to the gym later instead” excuse, you are starting your day with something important and productive and setting yourself up for success.

It got me to thinking, what else could we each accomplish in our daily lives if we chose to skip excuses and say yes more often. I am not talking big things, I mean the little day-to-day changes that in summation enrich and enhance our lives and relationships.

Could we choose to put a little more effort into cooking healthy dinners on a regular basis? Could you pick up flowers for your partner ‘just because’? Could you take the dog to the park for a run instead of the regular up and down the street, or carve out some extra time and make a phone call to your parent/friend/relative that you haven’t spoken to in a while?

My point is that, for each of us there are the regular day to day activities and then there are the life-enhancing, smile producing, little things that we need to choose to add in. If we can choose to get up and workout on a shitty weather day in March, what else could we choose to do?

Have a great week!
Tom, and Derek and Rick

What else are we missing? (YWG)
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