WHAT A MORNING!!!!! I am always proud to be part of this tribe, but this morning renewed that sentiment within me like a fresh rainfall pouring over the land. We’ve had a few chances to prove our #weatherproof-ness lately, but this morning as I drove through the storm toward the Observatory I couldn’t keep the questions from popping into my head:

-Is everyone going to be able to run trails when they’re all muddy?
-Will everyone do push-ups and burpees even though the ground will be essentially one big puddle?
-Will people still smile at me??
-Will anyone even #justshowup?!?!?!?!?
The answer to all these was a resounding FUCK YEAH as the tribe tore up the trails and pounded out those dips, push-ups, mountain climbers, burpees, and ass taps with enthusiasm. You guys clearly didn’t use the rain as an excuse to take it easy. The energy was palpable before the workout even began, no one was complaining, and every single tribe member proved that you have to be a badass to be a DUMBass.
We’ve set the tone for 2017, and the tone is awesome. Thanks for the wonderful morning, guys. SHAKE THAT RAIN STICK MATT DAVIS!!!!! You earned it, LA needs the water, and clearly we can handle it. What else do you have for us weathergods?!?? Bring it on! NP LAX is ready!
NINJA FRIDAY – 6:27 am @ Dewey + 18th, Santa Monica. 
The #byebyebowlie winners have been announced!
  • Be sure to check out our Instagram (@novemberprojectlax) where we’ll be reposting the winners.
SUNRISE 6K, FRIDAY JAN 20 5:27 and/or 6:27 am @ Santa Monica Pier
  • We be racing. Come earn your special Sunrise 6K tag!
Weatherproof AF (LAX)
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