This morning, a solid number of DMV residents woke up, put their workout clothes on, drank a coffee, brushed their teeth, put deodorant on, travelled to the Lincoln Memorial, and spent 1-2 hours of undeniable fun while imitating penguins, building their winter bod muscles, and just in a general and widespread positive energy.

And yet, there was someone missing. Someone that had given a #Verbal. Someone that had broken that #Verbal. Someone not named Santa Claus, Kris Kringle, or Papa Noel (despite what the above picture indicates. Don’t be fooled).

Maisie didn’t hug people this morning.

Maisie probably didn’t smile this morning.

Maisie unlikely laughed this morning.

Maisie didn’t get her sweat on with 100+ other people.

Maisie’s morning didn’t get lit.

But it could have. We’ll always be wondering the following:

215810_1027276600468_6690_nDid she ever figure out how to set her alarm?

Did she ever figure out how to turn her phone on?

Did she make the putt?

Does she still wear socks that high?

Did the flood arrive (see other person with the rolled up jeans)?


We’re not mad. You said it yourself in this photo below…we’re just disappointed.

We missed you, Maisie.


P.S. Try taking a bad photo every once in a while. I must say these were pretty difficult to find…img_2979

We Missed You, Not Santa (DCA)
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