I haven’t seen this guy much in a while, but the other week he was there and I was like, “yes!  I hope he’s back for good.”  And such was my joy when I verballed on the Tracker last night to see your name tucked down the list.  I was so excited to work out with you this morning, this guy is legit – he never breaks a verbal.

Well, that’s what I thought, until we bounced and there was no one under my feet, tripping me.  “That’s weird…” I thought, maybe he’ll dart in during the work out?  Yeah, I’ll see him bounding through the park, tongue lolling with excitement as usual.  No worries.  And then, a flash of white in the corner of my eye – but it wasn’t you…  the fur wasn’t quite right…

We missed you today Krypto.
This is the guy who traverballed to every North American tribe on the most epic road trip.  How could hebreak a verbal?!  But then again, you know, Wondercon is coming up soon and we know you take your cosplay very seriously.  Maybe you were up late working on that new cape and forgot to set your alarm?  I can picture that happening.


Or maybe you slept in on purpose?  You’re a lady’s man, we all know it.  Maybe you thought hitting snooze with your paw wrapped around a sexy shih-tzu sounded better than partner push-ups with your friends?  I hope not.


Whatever dude, we missed you.  I hope I look on the tracker tomorrow night and see your name for Friday.  And I hope when the dawn comes, I see your four-legged silhouette crushing those hills in the style I’ve come to expect.


And don’t forget to bring your human, what’s his name, Joey?  Joey’s a great human – everyone loves it when the tribe brings their humans to the workouts.

We Missed You Krypto
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