Wisconsin Notes:

  • lots of people today
  • lots of people broke their verbals today
  • lots of people need to check their Facebook pics

This morning was awesome. The tribe was so fired up. The tribe tripled in size compared to last week. I get it, last week was windy as fuuuck. So when Kelly didn’t show last week, we forgave her. We covered for her. She had the Shabooya award so that meant it wasn’t getting passed on. What are the chances she would miss two weeks in a row? Two weeks of no Shabooya 🙁 It happened. She sent us a text mid workout saying ‘sawrrryy’ but it was too late. We were already plotting. Found some solid gold in her Facebook timeline.

IMG_0236 IMG_0233  IMG_0235IMG_0234

I guess she needed that beauty sleep. But then I got a text after the workout, as I was perusing her Facebook for pics to post, from someone saying it was their fault that Kelly missed. She said ‘Yo HD, it’s not Kelly’s fault she missed, it was mine. I totally slept in and I’m not even sorry’ (I may have paraphrased a bit). And Kelly didn’t even use that as an excuse, she didn’t throw this person under the bus. Who was this person that left Kelly hanging???






‘It was meeeee’ – Marina

But it takes two to tangle (or something like that). So here’s a Derek tip for how to not sleep through your alarm (because I’ve done it a couple times myself); plug your phone in away from your bed, so you physically have to get up to turn it off. This will help you not only wake up, but to keep you from late night social media browsing when you can’t fall asleep. Also, make sure you set your alarm right.

So Kelly and Marine, stop being such a-


See what I did there? I didn’t add the text to that image. It was on Marina’s timeline.

Then at coffee at Postal after the workout, Dom reminded me that Kaithleen had verballed on Facebook last night! And I quickly went in and took a screenshot before she could delete it. The best part is that Kelly had also verballed on the same post!!! HAHAHA.



After some research, I found out that Kaithleen also slept in. Turns out she needed to rest, she had strained her tongue muscle from taking selfies. The tongue is the strongest muscle in the body, takes up 43% of your energy storage and is used for all of your activities of daily living (trust me on these stats, I’m a doctor). You can see why she would need the rest and would have to miss NP:

IMG_0237 IMG_0238 IMG_0239 IMG_0240 IMG_0241 IMG_0242 IMG_0243 IMG_0244 IMG_0245


Fuck, that looks exhausting.

Two more people missed this morning that I was hoping would make it, Henry and Alexandra. They didn’t verbal or anything, but they still should have come.

IMG_0248 IMG_0249

They are both in town filming the movie ‘Nomis’. I couldn’t find any bad pictures to post of them because they are both so damn good looking. Ugh. They probably didn’t come to the workout because they were busy making ridiculously good looking super-baywatch babies. Anyway, you should check out their insta and twitter accounts because they have some funny posts about Winnipeg.


This morning was a great workout, keep showing up, and keep breaking those verbals because it’s fun to do these posts.


We missed you Kelly, Kaithleen, Marina, Henry and Alexandra (YWG)
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