On Friday we ALMOST had the largest gathering of gingers in Philadelphia at a single workout. I say ALMOST because long time ginger tribe member,  Liz Coda, was nowhere to be found. How can a redhead miss a St. Patricks Day event?!? Don’t they live for this day and love wearing green?!?


This past Thursday was your Birthday, we even celebrated it on Wednesday with singing, some intense pointing and even nose touching/pressing. Was it too much? Is that why you didn’t return to our next workout? Maybe it was because you stayed up too late on Thursday night crushing shirley temples at Buffalo Billiards. I texted you saying Happy birthday and you responded with a “Thanks! See you tomorrow morning”, SO I set my alarm and went right to bed, excited to see you bright and early.

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 9.50.19 PM

When Friday morning finally rolled around, you where nowhere to be found. At first I was worried because you’re a regular and I knew it was unlike you to break a verbal to me, you’re just not that type of person. I grew more concerned after seeing that Michelle Andronov was so distraught at your lack of showing up that she couldn’t even work out. It was kinda like when those fainting goats get scared and their muscles lock up and they can’t move. A sense of relief washed over me as soon as I found out that you just slept in. Alas, the dropped verbal.


You’ve been showing up for a while now, but I never expected to be writing your “We Missed You”.  We all know you’re staying sober until you run the Boston Marathon in April, so maybe you blacked out on pitchers of apple juice and chocolate milk? Don’t worry, its happened to me before too. Maybe if instead of a St. Paddy’s day themed workout, you would have been more likely to show up if it was Cupid Undies Run theme? Ninja undies run? Underwear run? Anything but clothes run? We’ll try to be more creative with our themed workouts in hopes of getting you to #justshowup. I hope you enjoyed a few extra hours of shut eye, maybe it helped you sleep off the chocolate milk hangover. We aren’t even mad, what we are trying to say is WE MISSED YOU CODA.


We Missed You Coda
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