Our morning was a little bit darker on Wednesday.

No it’s not because the time changed, it is because We missed you Chris!


Those sparkling lights on your shoes, you in all your different blue hues,


I heard it happened last week, but I thought it couldn’t be true

Then I didn’t find you at the toy solider and didn’t know what to do!

I am sure the Edmonton tribe has felt this darkness since you left them


But they distract themselves by working out 3 times a week did you know?

What made you miss us yet two weeks in a row?

Too busy breaking another PB?


All those numbers involved in your engineering degree?

What is worth more, that steal ring or the fresh paint on your tee??

What would make you not break your verbal promise?

A sour cream glazed? A boston cream?

You are already a Nuun rep, wasn’t that part of the dream


You never say no to more kilometres, need us to run more?

Grady is already quadripling his runs from before.

We can have another onesie workout so you can wear this again


So please, we promise to do more jump shots


Have donuts lots,

There will always be burpees and hugs,

And you make a good straight-faced mean mug,

So please don’t hit snooze,

because in the end we all loose!

We missed you Chris !!

DSC_1749 (2)




We missed you Chris!
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