Guest post from core Seattle tribe member Laura Hernandez:

We all slip up from time to time: the Warriors blew that 3-1 lead, Tony Romo botched the snap and today, November Project Seattle leader Casey Winkler hit Snooze.


You dropped the ball today, Casey…but everything worked out alright! Just like that ’06 NFC Wild Card game, Seattle prevailed. This tribe that you and Brian have worked so hard to grow is STRONG; we banded together this morning and pushed through the workout, but we think you ought to know just how much we missed you.


So if you’re reading this, Casey—Hi. On Thursday, March 9th, following several beers, you gave your word that you would attend Friday’s workout. That is called a #verbal – A verbal commitment that holds you accountable to attend said workout. If you give a verbal and fail to show up, we’re obligated to feature you on November Project’s “We Missed You” page, which is essentially a public shaming. Let’s get started:


It was 11:46pm at King’s in downtown Ballard; the celebration in honor of NP first-lady Elizabeth Bley’s birthday was still going strong, but it was already five hours past my bedtime.
“I’m calling it a night, guys. See ya in the morning, Casey?”
“Yup! See ya at the workout!”
Little did I know, that’d be the last time we would see Casey Winkler this week…
The next morning, the clock struck 6:29am at Green Lake Park when confusion ensued as our punctual leader was nowhere in sight. With co-leader Brian Fisher out of town, we all exchanged nervous glances at the mere thought that NP Seattle’s other dedicated leader may have chosen to #justsleepin.

Without hesitation, NP member Jess Horan stepped up to the plate and led us all in a bounce. Thirty-five of us shouted, “WHERE IS CASEY!?!” hoping that our fearless leader might hear our cries…but at 6:35am, Casey Winkler was nowhere to be found.


“Maybe he forgot to do laundry and ran out of bright clothes and funny socks”
“Maybe he was panicking that he wouldn’t be able to top Wednesday’s epic Mushy Mush Pot bounce”
“Maybe he’s sick from something he ate on that paleo diet he’s always talking about”
“Maybe he’s trying to steal Mary’s thunder and retire on the same day as her!!”
But I had my own theory…
Could it be the five specialty pies he ordered the night before and all those pitchers of beer??


You’re looking pretty guilty, Casey.
As it turns out, you were napping—and that’s okay, it happens to the best of us! If I’ve learned anything from watching The Bachelor this season, it’s that Abraham Lincoln took naps and so did Michael Jordan, and so it makes perfect sense that Casey Winkler does too. Great leaders need their sleep! (But we might suggest that you just try going to bed a little earlier)

We want you to know that we appreciate all that you’ve done for this tribe, and that your previously impeccable attendance record has not gone unnoticed.
On Wednesday, we’ll still greet our snoozing leader with open arms…


Oh, but one more thing:

…next time you’re out late on a Tuesday or Thursday, don’t forget the cardinal rule of NP and that’s #justshowup *especially* when you #verbal. The workout is just not as awesome without you! We sure missed you, Casey.

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We missed you Casey Winkler! (SEA)
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