There was a fire missing from the tribe today. A fire only a certain redhead can bring. A fire that spices up morning workouts like Trader Joe’s ghost pepper flakes spice up any soup or sandwich.

“There’s no way,” I mumbled to myself, scanning the 6:30 crowd. “She must be running too fast for me to see her. There is no way Anne would verbal, with a SMILEY FACE NO LESS, and then not show up.”

Anne, I had my heart set on getting one of your famous hugs this morning. And when I couldn’t find you I erupted into a fit of rage, all the time picturing that mocking, sneering smiley face that followed your broken verbal.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 10.34.13 AM

Were you too busy being hilarious in one of your comedy shows that you forgot about the little people who supported you on your way to the top? Were you off dancing the night away and your legs were too sore to carry you to the workout? Were you out filming more “Hey Trader Joe” videos that I can binge watch tonight before bed? (If the last one is the case, I forgive you. But only under that condition.)

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 10.33.05 AM

We missed you, Anne. We missed you so much we cried. Don’t make us go another workout without seeing this beautiful, fast, fierce face, ok??? NEVER AGAIN.


We Missed You, Anne! (LAX)
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