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Amieeee, we missed you. You verballed to Lindsay, and you broke it. She was even taking your spin class last night and managed to make it this morning, whilst you were sleeping the day away. So now you get to see some pictures of how fabulous you are, stolen from the depths of your Facebook timeline.

amie 1

This pictures is classic. Me with a mischievous grin and you looking like I just threw you in a snowbank or something. We also look 12. I almost missed this morning’s workout. I bought a new phone this week. I had a 16GB, and I got tired of it telling me my storage was almost full. I’d delete old pics, any apps I don’t use on a daily basic, all my music, old messages, anything and everything, and then somehow it would be full again by the next day after taking one picture. Like what the damn hell! So I bought a 125GB phone so I could take all the pictures at NP. With the new phone, I had to set new alarms, and somehow set my alarm for 5:30 PM instead of 5:30 AM. I woke up at 6 in a panic, ran out the door, burned through at least one red (after checking for traffic, that damn light takes 5 minutes to change), went airborne over a few speed humps (that’s aussie for speed bumps) and managed to make it on time. And you were still in bed, sleeping the day away. Just last week you were telling me how your NP hiatus was over, and you were back.

amie 2

Here’s what I think of that. Ehhhh.

amie 5

Shout out to Lindsay for calling you on your shenanigans. And for this fabulous picture. This morning you missed a wonderful bridge workout; our legs are all the more toned for it, our gluts all the more firm. And you were still in bed, sleeping the day away.


The sun is even coming out at the end of the workouts now. Well, it’s not quite out but it’s lighter out.

Hopefully next week you’ll set your alarm (successfully) and show up. It’s PR day, and I’m expecting you to PR and get that burger.

From your old friend,



We Missed You Amie (YWG)
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