Although Thursday was was a long, tiring day at the office – I was excited to get home and throw on my running gear and take advantage of the beautiful weather that graced itself upon our city. My plan was to run down to Philly Runner on Sansom street and meet a group of friends there to run down to the SRT. We all convened around 6:15PM and started our jaunt toward the Schuylkill River. Running west toward the trail, I decided to peel away from the group for a few minutes and stop in to see some friends at Lulu. It was HOT on Thursday evening, and I, as per usual was drenched in sweat, but that didn’t deter Aaron Abram Van Dolson when I strolled into the store and was met with a big hug. We chatted for a minute or so, and before I had to run out to catch up with the group I had left earlier I asked Aaron if I’d see him in the morning for NP at Lemon Hill. “I’ll be there” he replied. To which I responded “Great! It’s PR day too so get ready to go fast” and he answered with a “Sounds good! Ill see you there.”


Yesterday was February 24th, and it was 60 degrees and heating UP at 6:25 AM in the morning. Sounds like an amazing time to be outside and enjoying this absurd weather… but Aaron was nowhere to be found. Where was Mr. Dolson this morning? Hmmmm. Was he sleeping in to get ready for his GQ Facebook profile picture photoshoot? Was there a sunrise sale on infinity scarves at King of Prussia we hadn’t heard about? We have to laugh at the irony of an employee of LuluLEMON missing a workout at LEMON HILL. Maybe we’ll submit a suggestion to the city to change it to Dolson Hill… is that too formal? How about Aaron’s Bluff? I think I like the way that sounds. Whether the new name works out in getting you to #justshowup or not, we just wanted to let you know that WE MISSED YOU AARON.


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