BALLZThis is a blog I started a while back when someone told me they weren’t in shape and thus couldn’t come to NP. It went something like this:

“Of course you can.”

That wasn’t a very good blog at all. After being prompted with this statement again this week, I decided to make some edits and to clarify a few things.  I suppose we’re not really doing our job if that sentiment is a common one. So here it goes:

“Of course you can, but upon further review maybe that isn’t 100% clear and I want to take a moment to address why. When you look at  NP you might see photos of fit, fast people, waking up super early in the morning, getting awkwardly close to each other and then tearing up a bunch of stairs or some nutty long distance race somewhere. NP seems really intense. And it is. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t for you. In fact, there are far bigger requirements to enjoying NP than whether or not you’re in shape or you can run fast.”

We say it all the time. “NP is for everyone.” Today I want to revise that statement. NP isn’t for everyone. There will always be people that just won’t get NP. They won’t understand why we hug, don’t think running stairs is good for you, don’t like crowds, don’t enjoy early mornings, don’t like strangers,  or will think the bounce is a waste of time. They like crossfit, only like running, only hate running, prefer to workout alone in their basements, would prefer to pay for free towels or would rather see their heart rate on a tv screen. There will forever and always be those people. And you know what…I love those people. Some of those people are related to me. Some of them are really good, close friends. But no matter what I do, NP just isn’t for them. The last thing they want to do is wake up early and subject themselves to something they don’t like simply because I ask them to ( over and over again).


Notice, however, that I never mentioned fitness level as a reason why NP might not be for you. There are plenty of other reasons why this might be true, but I wouldn’t bother writing a blog about any of those other reasons. I’m not going to write a blog every time some dude tells me NP isn’t tough enough for them and that’s why they don’t come (Note: this is just another way of saying you’re not in shape yet…denial is ok). I’m not going to write a blog every time someone tells me they’re not a morning person (No one is. Sleeping in is the best thing in the world. Not going to fight you on that). I’m not going to write a blog every time someone tells me they are too old for NP ( I’m not old, I don’t know what being old is like. I can’t speak for them, but usually I tell them, “that sounds like something someone old would say,” and they usually end up showing up at least once). Long story short…pick your reason. NP doesn’t have to be for you and if it isn’t, no one’s feelings will be hurt.




Not showing up at least once simply because you’re not in shape yet isn’t the best excuse. There is always something you can do at NP, there is always someone going your speed, there is always someone who will support you through a workout. If you like people, and being around lots of really cool humans, and “filling your cup with positivity once a week” ( direct quote from Nick Paul) and generally just being a “yes” human, then NP PROBABLY IS FOR YOU! Those factors, whether you can let loose and just say yes to something goofy and wonderful for an hour or two a week, are far more important than whether you can run a mile.

deep stare

How fast you are can be fixed and changed. Whether or not you enjoy the joy and energy we try to cultivate once a week is going to be something you’ll have to wrestle with. But if you think NP might be something you would really enjoy and your fitness level isn’t quite Instagram ready ( fuck that by the way), don’t keep yourself at home and deprive yourself of the opportunity. Own what your body is at this moment in history and bring the real you. I promise that’s the version of you we will care about.

So to everyone who wants to show up and try it but feel like stairs are daunting and burpees are impossible, I would love to see you this week. I’m far more interested in meeting awesome, interesting people from my city than I am in meeting the fastest people who live here. And you never know, some day down the road you may be both.


As usual, Take Big Bites Out of Life,





  • Workout competition is closing at the end of the week. If you haven’t submitted your workout ideas, please do so here. WE NEED THEM!
  • Friday’s workout will be roaming. Keep an eye out for the location tomorrow. Pat and I are spending our evening trying to find the best swing set in the city.
“Wait…but i’m not in shape yet”- NP_BAL
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