Follow your compass!  Or someone in front of you who knows where they’re going.  Or just run around in circles.  No matter the direction, just make sure you’re moving, hopefully sweating, and most definitely smiling (unless you’re climbing PR Hill, in which case, go with whatever face gets you to the top ;).  This morning’s workout was killer, and it gave us a solid tour of our playground, Balboa Park.


NPSD is on fire!  You’re all amazing.

Show up” is our mantra.  Show up to the workouts, show up for your friends, show up for yourself.  This whole accountability thing, it works, and not just at the workouts.  Take charge, and show up in life!

Everyone is welcome!  Our tribe is comprised of so many unique individuals, of all shapes, sizes, abilities, ages, and backgrounds.  This morning we saw a few dozen new people, and you all welcomed them in with open arms.  Spread the love, the positivity, and good vibes to everyone you meet!

World takeover is real!  November Project SD is thriving – you’re all doing incredible things to make this city a little brighter.  But don’t forget, it’s not just us.  In 33 cities, 7 countries, and 3 continents around the world, you will find this community.  NP links you to a network of thousands of friends you’ve yet to meet, in places you’ve yet to go.  Open yourself up to the community this movement has grown.

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Thanks NPSD, as always, for the good times and sweaty hugs #behappy #bestrong #bebright


P.S.  Be more like Tom Dorio!  Tom, you’re energy is infectious, your smile can’t be matched, and your work ethic is second to none.  We could all stand to take a page out of Tom’s book!



Here’s some other things, and stuff:

#MayhemMondays in March will be at Motorboat Pond (aka Model Yacht Pond) on Vacation Island.  See you next Monday!

February Recruiting Challenge has come to a close.  Winners will be announced next Wednesday.  But keep in mind, the recruiting doesn’t stop here.  Be that ambassador to the rest of the world, and bring the NP vibe to everyone you know!

Tour de Balboa
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