I didn’t know Sam.

But after reading story after story, blog posts and anecdotes, I realized I did know Sam. We had never met face to face, but I know her. You do too.

Sam is in every one of us. When you smile from ear to ear and you laugh until it hurts, that’s Sam. When you commit to thoroughly enjoying the life you’ve been given, the people around you, the beauty in the city and world around you, that’s Sam. The friend that makes you laugh until you cry, that’s Sam. The random stranger that comes up to you, strikes up a conversation, smiling the whole time, that’s Sam.


For those that don’t know, Sam Dweck worked out with November Project San Francisco. Two years ago, the SF tribe and the November Project world lost Sam to a kayak accident while on a trip with some of her November Project friends. Reading blog posts and talking to people that knew her, she was one of the brightest. Always smiling. Always laughing. Welcoming newbies and joking with veterans. The kind of person we all strive to be.

Sam was known for one of her looks (wearing a backwards baseball cap) and today, we honored her memory by wearing our own. And as we send our love and hugs out to SF and to those that knew Sam, make it a priority every day to embody the ideals that made Sam who she was and that make November Project what it is. Continue to change your city & your community for the better. It all starts with a smile.



FRIDAY: Verbal/Meet here, 6:29AM #EarnYourWeekend

SATURDAY, 1/28, 1:28PM: Pillow Forts & Boxer Shorts Dress in your best jammies and meet us for a group run to an undisclosed location for some fun and games.

MONDAY: Capitol Hill, Peace Circle, 6:29AM



To SF, With Love: #FastAsSam (DCA)
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