When we say “Endurance Challenge Series” it’s a lot like grassroots, free fitness. There’s a lot of info packed into three words. We want you to get HYPED about both.

Three years ago, we started to partner up with The North Face to take over this series of races they host. It gave us an opportunity to race each other on the trails. So we covered each other in shaving cream and feathers.


In the years to follow, we began to take over these races, bringing hundreds of racers from multiple tribes. Our recent November Project Summits have been held around these races: Summit 2.0, Summit 3.0, Summit 4.0 and the UPCOMING SUMMIT 5.0. Now, it’s become somewhat of a tradition. For the fourth year now, we’ll bring our high energy, hips-in hugging, best asses in DC (and other NP cities) to the ECS race and WE WANT YOU THERE.



What: Race the marathon relay (4 legs), marathon, 50k, or 50 miler

When: Saturday, April 29th

Why: Because you don’t want to miss out on the hype, the jokes, nature, the trails, meeting people from other tribes, and a fun race*

*Disclaimer: The race is NOT free fitness…BUT there is a discount code!! Use NPDC15 for 15% off.

SPOTS ARE LIMITED so don’t get stuck having to sign up for the 50k. To be fair though, you could just go to the race, spend time in the great outdoors, eat food, drink beer, and have a general grand ole time with your fellow November Project tribespeople.

The RACE LINK IS HERE. Hope to see you crazy yahoos there.


TNF Endurance Challenge Series, Washington DC
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