This mornings tiered workout brought out the crazy, up for the challenge (some might call stupid) attitude in most of the tribe and we were pretty impressed with how many humans pushed themselves to do the “this is stupid” AKA the hardest challenge we put out there. Even our ten year old birthday boy took on the top tier workout. As far as I know, there is only one person who pushed herself above and beyond on that one by doing 2 FULL SETS of stairs “by accident” because either she wanted that extra push OR she forgot to fully read the chalk…Valencia, congrats we named that so hard it isn’t even written in chalk the elitest tier “More Stupider,” for you and anyone else to challenge yourself with next time.


The rest of the info in short hand:

  • This morning the tribe crushed a tiered workout where co-leaders put three levels of a similar workout on the table and the individual got to select which challenge they were up for: “Badass” “Shut your mouth” or “This is stupid”
  • Unsurprisingly to most NP_BAL regulars, the majority of the tribe set out on the highest challenge and successfully left sweatily unscathed.
  • The tribe is looking pretttttty dang fit for the month of February, y’all been working out? #weatherproof
  • Next week is PR (personal record) week. Haven’t been to PR week before? Were really confused time? Check out the the details HERE so it is less confusing for you next week and you will be prepared to #raceeverything
  • The tribe is now fully fashioned in their 2017 BUFFS. If you are new or missed this order, pay attention when we order them at some point in the fall months!
  • The month of MARCH we are asking the tribe to give us some suggestions for workouts and we will use them for the first four Wednesdays. We created THIS SNAZZY FORM. If you have questions please reach out!! Deadline February 26 at 11:59PM.


Tiered badassery(2.15.17)
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