Goooood Morning PHILLY!

crunch crunch crunch crunch, that’s not the sound of me eating chips for breakfast (although that does sound good and now I’m hungry)… that’s the sound heard around Philly from this morning’s workout.

We worked really hard on our “Sweater Abs”DSC_0855. I was informed this morning that in the winter we work on our sweater abs and in the summer we work on our bathing suit abs (thank you Rebecca Shafer/Barber/BEX).

The workout:

Tick Tock at the bottom, Bicycle clap crunches at the top and at the front door Spiderman Plank.spider-man-homecoming

And a nice 5 minute ab burnout for the cherry on top.

Today Adam went home with the Positivity Award.

This is Adam Mussell (yes he is making a call on his banana). Adam has been coming to NP for over 2 years. He loves this shit. Adam is constantly recruiting new people whether at BOMF or at post workout breakfast. He is always pushing it and encouraging others to keep going their hardest. He is the provider of the weekly tunes (when I remember to charge the speakers) and always has an extra banana to share. Adam – Thank you for being YOU and keep spreading that good shit everywhere you go!



WEDNESDAY – Picture day theme – Run For Your Life



Sweater Abs (PHL)
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