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It’s currently 8:47am. My hands, feet and face are bright red and my smoke alarm is actually going off because that amazing shower was steamy AF.


And whatever happens with all that endorphin, adrenaline high stuff is definitely happening. I’m real hyper after today’s workout.

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Yesterday, winter decided to show up for what will be about 24 hours. I had zero reasons to wake up at 4:40am for track Tuesday. When my alarm did go off and I heard the stupid, aggressive sound of SLEET, I had exactly 23 reasons not to get up. Twenty-four if I include the fact I had nowhere to be so offensively early.


But when I saw the forecast Monday night, I quickly thought back to all the fun, ridiculous memories I had on the stupidest days ever. I knew Tuesday morning had to happen, even if we “penguin slalomed” all the way to the track, turned around and waddled home.


So, I did have one good reason to go. I knew my friends were going to be waiting for me. And because of that, I knew we’d have fun.

By the time I sloshed up to the corner to meet Jana, I was soaking wet but so happy to see her face. Then Bryson and Harkins turned the corner. It had been a while since we all had run to the track together, I was excited; Harkins quickly reminded us that this was “a very stupid idea” as we set off into the stupid, soaking darkness.

A snow-covered track reaffirmed our stupidity as we questioned whether anyone else would b ‘stupid’ enough show up. And then we saw Dan, followed by Tammy, Jeremy and Spradley. I was incredibly jazzed.  Coach (Sister Mary) Jeremy explained his pi-themed snow-sprint workout; we nodded in agreement, ran it, and set of our own ways back into the still-dark, quiet, snow-covered city.


It’s hard to describe the ‘magic’ of the days that test our #weatherproof-ness without a heavy dose of cheese but whatever, I’m going to keep riding this high. The #weatherproof days are my best, most memorable days.  It’s when I see the, benefit of this whole “community” fitness thing – you know that regardless of how stupid the weather is, someone will be there. So you show up, and test it out…

I remember two years ago, at Patterson Park, when all of Baltimore was a sheet of ice. I showed up just to see how we’d manage. Oh we managed; we cautiously skate/ran up the inside hill, force fed lots of people snow during an impromptu battle and then quickly went and drank all of the coffee at Grace’s Acre. Oh, and then I got home and cried in the shower because I was so cold. It was still the best day. I also remember, last year, getting soaking wet while shoveling the track around Rash Field. I contemplated jumping in an Uber home during the middle of the workout, but thankfully stayed to watch (and defend myself from) Bobby’s aggressive MLB snowball tactics.


And today was – YES – the best. Thanks to the Nerdly McWatkins’ and their 3.14151BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH workout, but also thanks to the individuals who also decided to just show up on a stupid cold day when we really didn’t have to. While I don’t yet know all the names of everyone who was there (working on that Coach!) I 100% remember all of today’s faces, and everyone’s energy. We were small and mighty and enthusiastic AF.  Not to mention we ran a lot – casual. That work out was kick ass and kept us moving.

It’s easy to get in the pattern of doing the same, similar things in our lives and we lose sight of the things we appreciate that make it great. Today was the opposite of that. 

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Thank you to everyone who showed up this morning. I had a great fucking time. 


The ‘worst’ days are the best days (3.14+1.17)
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One thought on “The ‘worst’ days are the best days (3.14+1.17)

  • March 15, 2017 at 11:16 am

    Thanks for a kick ass workout. Knowing you three will be there makes getting there that much easier. Thanks Bryson!!


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