This one was fresh. . . fresh to def, fresh linen status, in fact. Shaw hit us up with an original workout coined “The Washing Machine,” and she’s a beaut. We were all newbies for the workout, and we had one oldie we always miss dearly in Macko and one real-life newbie in Brian. Thanks for #justshowup-ing! Weather was decent for January, groups were solid, and Patrick-style hugs were fantastic!



Just like your typical coin laundry, you pay either your $1.75 or give hugs. We, being a free fitness group, decided folks should go with the latter. So off we went, sorting into two groups, lights and darks . . . only minus those categories because we’re dealing with wonderful human beings here, not inanimate objects, and because we like to think of ourselves as decent humans, not bigoted SOBs.  *(‘stay focused’; “oh, right”)* Anyway, one group went up one side of the N stairs while the other group went oppo. They criss-crossed-applesauced at the gold door, then sprinted around to the back of the top landing. Once at the back corners, one group did 15 pushups while the other did 15 plank-jacks. They then lunged towards each other in a Greasers v Socs, Jets v Sharks (props to whoever yelled that out at the 6:15), Bloods v Crips style showdown-throwdown (not to be confused with the Showcase Showdown; only free fitness was given, no boats, in-home saunas, or Tahitian vacations). They then did the opposite 15 rep set and hauled ass back down to the N platform for the Grease-removing, Blood-unstaining, Shark-de-finning spin cycle of 15 tricep dips. (By the way, I know that it’s not the spin cycle where all those things get removed.) Repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat. Fold.



  • Jaden with those pics; thanks Jaden!
  • Bop to the Top is going down this Saturday morning, Jan 21st! Be there or be . . . at Flat 12 for beers afterwards. (Or be a whole host of other less cough-inducing but less fun places.)
  • Stick with these winter workouts, and we’ll reward you with free buffs!*
    • *Free with your paid subscription to “listening to us talk about buffs five months before they actually come in”, which costs $5.00 per free buff you’d like to receive.
    • ps: They’re actually, FINALLY in! pss: We have limited extras, distributed on a first to pay Shaw, first served basis.
  • Friday’s workout will be at 6a (as always), meeting on the north side of the IN Soldiers & Sailors Monument (the circle). #justshowup!!!
  • Empty the lent tray. [code for do your pushups. . . looking at you, SanFran Schaar]


Enjoy your week!



The Washing Machine (IND)
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