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Valentine’s Day isn’t just about your love for a significant other, it is about all kinds of love, including that of family and friends. We consider you all to be like family and we were excited to spend time doing what we love with people that we love (that’s you).

Although we would absolutely love it if you met “The One” at NP during this week’s speed dating workouts, we would also be just as happy if they gave you the opportunity to meet someone new!

In our case here at November Project Phoenix, we are extra lucky because we not only get to celebrate the love of others on Valentine’s Day we also get to celebrate the love for our great state.

On February 14, 1912, Arizona became the 48th state, to join the Union. Known as the “Valentine State,” Arizona’s path to statehood was marked by a pioneering spirit, the infamous 5 C’s, and majestic purple mountains.  It might seem like we celebrate Arizona Statehood Day on the regular here at NP Phoenix, but February 14th is the legit day. Trevor is just kind enough to let me throw Arizona Love at you guys regularly.

This combo workout celebrating Arizona and Valentine’s Day had me thinking. Which came first? The chicken or the egg?

I knew that people have been falling in love and loving others since the beginning of time, but when did February 14th become Valentine’s Day? Was it before or after Arizona became a state in 1912? So I took to the world wide web for some research. It became immediately clear that Valentine’s Day has a convoluted history and that this was going to be a big undertaking and I wasn’t really in the mood to do research on my day off. So, I stopped. As far as I can tell. Valentines Day has been in February for freaking ever and Arizona is only 105 this year so there you have it.

Some interesting facts that I did come across during my research:

1. Women purchase 85% of the Valentines Day cards purchased each year. Surprise. Surprise 🙂

2. Oregon’s birthday is ALSO February 14th. So happy birthday to the Portland Pledge group. Maybe give them some loving on instagram today.

3. President William Howard Taft was ready to sign Arizona into statehood on February 12th, but that is Lincoln’s Birthday and the next day the 13th was considered bad luck, so February 14th it is.

4. Arizona’s first governor, George W. P. Hunt, the guy who is buried in that white triangle tomb that we can see from our spot at Papago Park was present for the signing in Washington D.C.

5. We’ve had more women governors than any other state in the U.S. You know I am happy to take any chance I can to give a shout out to my girl Rose Mofford.

Happy Birthday Arizona and Happy Valentine’s Day to you lovers.


Peace, love and cacti,


The Valentine State 🙂
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