I had a conversation with a tribe member this week, and it went something like this:

EmSauce: “Do you ever just feel awesome?

Tribe member: “Yeah, sometimes…like when we run the stairs at Summit, I feel really badass when we do that.”

So what did we do this morning?  Stairs at Summit.  The much-revered #stairspice.  It was fitting, since it’s been warm as springtime in New England lately but this morning reminded us that it really is MARCH in New England and the temps were below freezing.  So we needed to heat it up a bit, put some fire in the engines, and chug some sriracha.  Both because we’re #weatherproof as fuck,* and because our anonymous tribe member is NOT the only one who feels like a badass when you crush some stair spice on Summit Ave.  Summit Path is this weird “reprieve” from the big front hill.  You bang that left, thinking, “phew, I’ll just chill out as I cruise down this little path.” And before you know it, you’ve gone down the same height as the front hill in the form of stairs, crossed a couple of streets, and you’re tagging the tree down on Beacon before you #TurnAndGo! right back up.  It’s a quad-burning, lungs-on-fire ascent that you don’t forget (ever) and then you’re relieved it’s over too.  Maybe, if you’re like I was this morning, you use that back hill to both ask yourself what the fuck you’re doing running up and down hills so early on this Friday morning, and also to smile to yourself that you’re badass as hell because you’re flying down and up the back hill after the front hill and the stairs!?  Most workouts involve both of those voices, right?

Well now I want to know what makes YOU feel awesome?  What have you ever done at a workout that brought out your badass?  What makes you feel #HOTHOTHOT?  Tell us, because we need to do more of that.  Seriously, comment (now!) on the blog or on the FB album.


And we’ll have more #weatherproof, #badass, #fierce, #freefitness on Monday at the Destination Deck in Brighton.  Come to the #Deck@6:29@EMS.  That’s the you-just-don’t-know-what-you’re-going-to-get workout, at 6:29am on Monday, at the Eastern Mountain Sports on Commonwealth Ave.**  Run there.  You know it’ll be hot.

Now let me hear it one more time… “The Tribe is …”


* Repeat after me: “we are not getting soft, we are not getting soft, we are not NPSD.”

** Exact location and #verbal in the tracker.

The Tribe is Hot Hot Hot
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