There’s few people who have been as influential across the November Project as Ryan Scura. Since the Boston only days of NP, this guy and his east coast partner-in-crime, Dylan Ladds, were offering to help BG and Bojan with photos and videos at workouts. Since then, it’s transcended to the lads chronicling some of the most epic November Project moments and doing so with amazing quality and class. For goodness sake, himself and Dylan have a verb named after them. Their own verb!!!


To doost. [duuhst]. verb (doosting, doosted)

  1. To chronicle epic moments in video or still photo shoot format.
  2. To video record an epicly funny moment (in NP circles) that is barely even mildly funny at all to the general population.
  3. To run whilst carrying a heavy object (e.g. large camera rig) at high speeds through gnarly trails and steps.
  4. Commonly used by coleaders/poor quality photographers to claim they know what they’re doing with a camera.

“Oh lads, I doosted the shit out of that workout” – Paddy
“You forgot to take the camera lens off” – Laura
“Wouldn’t hold out on that Dooster Pledge, Paddy” – Zip
“Classic!” – Paddy


One of my favourite moments with Ryan was after the San Francisco screening of “Showing Up”. After we showed the Tribe the movie, Ryan took the floor for a Q&A session. His passion behind his work and behind the core basis of the November Project beamed from him during that session (If you’re reading this and you haven’t seen “Showing Up” yet, put down whatever you’re doing and make your way over here. Your next 28 minutes need to be focused on this)


At our workouts, you’ll always count on Ryan for a hearty smile, a hug, a high five, a Hoistee partner and a guy to throw down against on the hills and stairs. One of the most genuine, kind and caring fellas you’ll meet there. Since he moved here in 2014 (thank you Shelley for getting him over to the West Coast), he’s been an ever present. But he will modestly crush you on the hills and at PR Wednesday, so don’t let your guard down. Thank you Ryan for all you bring to the Tribe. We’re all so fucking glad you’re here!


P.S. You still owe me 11 Tam Summits from 2016. That tentative plan of summiting the mountain once a month throughout the year didn’t quuiiiite come to fruition. Don’t think exuding positivity in bucket loads is going to let you dodge that one.


The PA that’s been a long time coming (NPSF)
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