Divisadero is a hill steeped in the lore of November Project San Francisco. It was the location of the infamous BG audit of 2015. Back in 2014, it was on Divis where NPSF threw down the Giants vs Capitals Major League Kickball challenge. But the true beauty of Divis is its sweet sweet vertical. It’s what we commonly refer to as a Vert-Monster. On the “Mountain Goat” scale of NPSF Hills, this one ranks up there with a rating of 4 stars. Let’s break the down the scale here:

  • 1 star: Our visitor to the Tribe this morning, Brendan Scully of NP Chicago fame, mentioned that they don’t have hills in Chicago. The fews hills they have are likely 1 star. They get the legs pumping alright, but not steep enough to get a decent speed if you try to roll down the hill like a kid (An SF example would  be Jackson street on the North side of Alta Plaza)

  • 2 stars: So whenever it snowed back in Ireland, we used to find as steep a hill we could. Fill a manure bag with straw. And use it as a sled down the hill. To assess the difference between a 1 and 2-star hill, think would I be able to get momentum on this hill without my buddy pushing me down the hill. Many of our steeper and longer stairs would land into the 2 star rating as well. Think Lyon Street Steps.

  • 3 stars: Now is where it gets dicey. A 3 star hill is the type of hill that you feel very uncomfortable when you see Katy Davis wheeling Tommy down the hill. Like if she let’s go, that kid is going to break the new land speed record for a wheeled child holding device. A great example of a 3 star hill: California Street. These hills are also the start of the steepness where you’re worried about Will Oberle’s knees in 10 years when you hear him running down.

  • 4 stars: A difficult bollox of a hill. This one is generally a monster in terms of steepness (think Hyde Street)… or in length. Our lovely Divis is one of our prime examples of a 4 star hill. Horrendously long (I’m convinced the city has added a few blocks since last time we were there), but is it the steepest in the city? Come on, we’ve seen steeper. Add a few more blocks SF county, then we’ll give you a fifth star!
  • 5 FUCKING STARS: A rare sight in our city. Some people say, an impossible sight. After a contentious debate during the recent reclassification of the “Mountain Goat” scale, one hill in San Francisco was suspected to be awarded this elusive privilege, the Wall of Dalewood, but alas the peeps who introduced us to this one, Dana and Gil, weren’t convincing enough to sway the judges. As it stands there is only one 5 FUCKING STARS hills in the area, and it’s not in San Francisco at all. The sleeping lady. Touching the East Peak door of Mount Tamalpais. And until #rungang is willing to run 13 miles to get to the start of the workout in Mill Valley, the hunt for a 5 star hill in SF continues. Friday Hill field trip next week?

The Wall of Dalewood (NPSF)

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The NPSF Mountain Goat Hill Scale
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