Let me preface this blog with this:  I’m coming at you hot off a weekend that can only be described as “March Madness” — AKA my brain is a giant mushy-pot of cider and dried whip cream.  Therefore there’s a very high chance that none of this makes any sense, contains any logic or has any relevance to you today or in any part of your life. Both in the near and distant future. BOOM. Enjoy…


NP is a magical place. Period.

Magical shit happens here, or wherever we squat, which makes all of us who just show up #magicians – #logic.  Now that it’s out of the bag lets talk about the magic that went down this AM.  In a style we call Wisconsin Notes:

  1. First of all THIS many people showed up awake, wide-eyed and chipper…


…At 6:28 AM (well besides for #LateClaudia) in below freezing temps.  I know this happens a lot.  It’s still #magic.

2. Madonna is not only forever young but she still has the ability to get stuck in the skulls of everyone, no matter their age.  So much so that even (soon to be 21 YO) Baby Huey knew every word and was caught belting it out.  If it’s still stuck in your head, this might help*. #Magic all around.

3. Jack Frost worked his #magic to shut down electronic devices.  I.E. Camera and Cellphones.

4. The ghost of Tinie Tush** was spotted. Tinie Tush?! Havent heard of him? It’s because he hasn’t been around much.  Tinie Tush was the mythical small bum — mini henie, meager fanny.  Crushing stairs, powering up hills, busting out burpees week in and week out has forced him to end up on the side of a milk carton, never to be seen again. Until today.  This mild winter seems to have gotten the best of us and those mean, lean power booties we work all summer for are disappearing.  Time to start stepping it up and kicking our asses into summer booty shape again.

5. #LateClaudia*** actually showed up. #Magic.  At 6:46 AM.  That’s some #EvilMagic.  Claudia missed a bounce that would have sent her off dancing all morning.  The good thing to come from this #evilmagic was that she made sure the rest of the tribe jump started our summer booty by joining her as she finished up her 100 (aw) x 100 (awww) x 100 (awwwwwww c’moon).

6. The NP theory of relativity was created : The faster you burpee the quicker the time goes by.  Totally #magic right?!  This is what it must have felt like to learn the earth was round or that there’s more than one way to eat a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. While many are still under the belief that milking burpees is easier than just fucking moving, you’re wrong.  So the next time we scream “Sebastiaaaaaan!” or roll a 6 on the rando die, JUST KEEP MOVING.  As fast as you can.  It’ll be over sooner than sandbagging. #Magic and #logic.

7. The NP magic continues this Wednesday as we turn regular boring snow into frozen balls of fun with our minds and chuck them across the field at other magicians. Again with our mushy-pot minds.  I’m gunna be blunt here… don’t miss this.



Since this is the only quality photo the two little boy cones captured, lets throw it in here one more time. #riseofthelittleboycones



**Read: Davis Vanderlin.

***Again #LateClaudia showed up at 6-Freaking-FORTY SIX AM!!

The #Magic of NP.
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