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Wisconsin notes:

  • Keep hyping The Great Skate; register!
  • Mush pot
  • Lunges and NP Challenge
  • Shabooya- Fast John

Is it just me, or was everyone really givin’ er today? You all crushed the NP Bridge Challenge. John extra crushed it, he was the first one done and he did the GTFO level. He is always pushing and motivating, making us all work a little bit harder. That guy is crazy fast, and even when he’s zipping along he never seems out of breath; he’s there yelling encouragement as he cruises by. So he is well deserving of the Shabooya award, presented by Car-hel (this is how we pronounce Carl now, no other way).

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Also, Ivan is now pronounced as Ee-von. We gave him a shout out today while announcing info about The Great Skate. What is The Great Skate? I’m glad you asked.

The Great Skate started years ago as the brainchild of my friends Jerome and Jordan. The rules were; The Great Skate had to be on the coldest night of the year; it started at midnight; beers were mandatory; and stops at each hut were mandatory. There were always whisperings leading up to it; will it be tonight? Soon? Until finally a night was picked and everyone would meet and The Great Skate was on.

Jerome moved away to England, and their version of The Great Skate faded away. I suggested we did something similar as an NP social night, but as we were bouncing ideas back and forth about it, we realized we also needed to do a sunrise 6k last winter. So we turned it into more of a 6k race instead of a late night beer skate (much to Jerome and Jordan’s dismay). Fear not, late night beer skates are still a thing.

This year, The Great Skate is shaping up to be a combination of all that is awesome. Skating, racing, beers, buffet brunch, nuburger burgs, North Face swag, lululemon hot chocolate stands, beers… it’s legit.

This event will be a great way for everyone to finally socialize immediately after a workout, and to recruit. We want more people to come to November Project- sharing is caring. Wear some grassroots gear on race day; if you want something tagged (one item only) bring it next week and leave it with me; I will tag it over the weekend.

Oh ya, I’ve also convinced a local creative media artist, Garrett Fache, to come out for the day, maybe put together some footage for us. Check out his website, the intro video is dope.

Register for The Great Skate! It’s free, and the brunch is $12 if you want it. We have 300 North Face race bibs being printed, and we need to know if we will be needing more.

If you want a poster for the event to put up at work, at your gym, or at your kids daycare, ask Rick or myself next week, we have a bunch.

Three weeks until the event, let’s hype it, recruit new people, and make it a day that’ll go down in Winnipeg’s history books.

Oh ya, mush pot bounce. Here it is, What a laugh. I haven’t done a bounce properly unless I’ve mangled it in some way.

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Pitter patter!



The Great Skate; Origins (YWG)
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One thought on “The Great Skate; Origins (YWG)

  • January 19, 2017 at 8:40 am

    Clicked on Register for The Great Skate and it told me “You do not have permission for this event ” What gives?


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