Ah, good ole Corona Heights. Never know what you will get up there and today she spit up a half assed sunrise with a sprinkle of orange glow at 6:29 AM. But we didn’t let the sunrise disappointment and blood quenching mosquitos ruin our party. We were going to shower in champagne before work no matter what the scene. Because this is Corona Heights.


This morning we celebrated the birth of 4 (5 if Naseem showed up) critical members of the NPSF tribe; Tantek, Mark, Kunkle and Alice. It’s very obvious that I have favorites amongst the tribe and it goes in the following order of importance:

Original Tribe (OG’s)

Consistent; Even if you are not loud, I see you

You make fun of Paddy whenever the opportunity presents itself (i.e. Gil is good at this)

You bring me anything with sugar in it. I also really love wine, nutella, butter, bread, and cheese. 

Like I said pre-champagne explosion this morning, the differing personalities in this tribe are what make it a human experience. There is absolutely nothing interesting about 100 identical people gathering for a workout. No one would learn from one another, no one would push themselves to achieve higher goals, and no one would further open their mind to different ways of thinking. It’s the staggering differences in one another that make up the fabric of this tribe. November Project is made by the people for the people and YOU PEOPLE are dope as fuck.

Monday: Run Gang EXTREME- Fort Mason, 6:28 AM


The Fabric Of Our Tribe (SF)
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One thought on “The Fabric Of Our Tribe (SF)

  • March 10, 2017 at 10:00 pm

    Haha called out! In my defense, a mishap and 3 hour roadside assistance wait meant I didn’t get to bed until 4 hours before the workout…


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