That’s right folks, this weekend thousands (dare I say millions?!?) of people will be descending on the City of Boston in order to get in on the hype that is Boston’s ML(sunrise)6K. They’ve already started setting up the convention center with booths for the big day. The weekend events will start out with a light hill sprint (3 full hills) Friday morning in Brookline, MA, and the convention will open it’s doors later in the day. Hynes convention center will host a hundreds of brand name stands including The North Face, Nuun, Janji, Westin, and Vampire Blood InsideTracker all in the name of the November Project Boston ML6K. Be sure to stop in and say hi to everyone you know.

When interviewed about the events Ms. Jana Ross from Janji said “I’m so excited for the Sunrise 6k this year! I’ve been involved in every sunrise 6k since they started back in 2013!”

Rabbi Jon Levitt from InsideTracker mentioned he’s “extremely excited to see the turnout Monday morning” as he’s never actually attended one. “I’ve always been training right next to the race instead of actually joining in,” he defended, but said he would certainly be amongst the thousands of runners this year.


Mayor Marty Walsh will give his pep-talk to all the runners about to take off from the starting line at 6am Monday morning. He’ll no doubt throw in many references to Massachusetts cities and Dunkin Donuts.

The race will start at 6:30am immediately after the traditional “warm-up-bounce” led by the one and only Jay-Z. Hopefully he doesn’t screw up the tradtional “Y’all good?!” line and ask “How y’all doin!?” like Boston’s own Chris Heiuisler.

All in all, it’s shaping up to be quite. the. occasion. Plan your weekends accordingly folks, you do NOT want to miss this. Be there. Verbal now!

Much Love,
– Payne


The Boston ML6K is coming…
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