A new chapter in the NP_VB history books started today. Barry Clark is the newest Co-Leader of this FreeFitness Movement and I couldn’t be more HYPED about whats to come next. We got big some big plans for ya VB. #WorldTakover #FillTheStairs


Today was a classic NP PRDay morning. It started off in the darkness and then as you ran faster so did the sun. Before you knew it, you woke up the sun by climbing all those stairs!

Raise your hand if you PR’d today!

Ann received the #HardHatAward from Christina, Emily C earned the #PositivityAward to go along with that HUGE new ring (Congrats Em! Can NP Crash the Wedding!?!), Speaking of proposals, Barry accepted mine to be my Co-Lead of #NP_VB and like I said before I am SO hyped.


Keep your eyes peeled for a pop-up Friday (50/50 chance on the pop-up) and for cheer station info for those who are racing and or are around to cheer this weekend at the Crawling Crab Half.

XOXO Leadership

The Barry Chapter (VB)
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