No sure how but Nadim always seems to find a way to make everything about baking.

Maybe it was my current nasally voice that made my pronunciation of Sunrise 6K sound like Sunrise-Cakes. Perhaps it was the icy course which reminded him of icing on the top of the cake. Or maybe it was all of the beautiful the cookies Dayle made for the tribe this morning making Nadim think the next step up would be mini cakes for everyone. Either way, I think we now have a new theme for the next edition of the Sunrise 6K…Sunrise 6Kakes! Can’t wait to see the awards ceremony and trophies for that one!

Huge congratulations to all of our runners today! Whether your goal was to complete your first race, run your furthest distance, share the 6K experience with your kids, beat your last Sunrise 6K time, challenge a friend, race for the golden mesh hat, or whatever reason that brought you out early on Family Day – we are glad you chose to just show up and run.

Highlights for me this morning:

  • Cheering on all of the kids as they completed 6K
  • Watching people sprint the final stretch
  • Hearing the encouragement of the tribe as two people competed over the last few meters
  • Seeing the elated and exhausted faces of tribe member who pushed beyond their perceived limits
  • Having everyone stay and high 5 all finishers until every last tribe member crossed the finish line!

What were your Sunrise 6K highlights?

#justshowup 6AM

Wednesday – #raceday (why not right?) Final Wednesday of the month…already! 28:19 Day @ Royal Glenora Stairs

Friday – Walterdale Hill

Sunrise 6K(akes)? (YEG)
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