Thank goodness for Ben and Steve, because it never occurred to me that it wasn’t a good idea to run up and down Baxter this morning. Safety third, as we say. Maybe this is why I always have broken bones….
You Rainbow Ninjas were prepped for a monster hill and instead you got monster stairs with a light sprinkling of push-ups, and man did you destroy it like it was any old nunchuck drill! Baxter is a bitch of a climb, but there’s plenty of opportunity for rest as cars often come precariously screeching by. The narrowness of the stairs however, forced continuous movement. If you stopped, it would be difficult for the person behind you to get around, so we all did whatever we had to do to keep moving. If we walked, if we had to grab our legs and lift them onto the next stair, that was all okay just as long as we didn’t stop moving. And even though those stairs looked literally endless when standing at the bottom, we all somehow eventually reached the top, pounded out push-ups like fucking champions (so much chest-to-ground action and I was super into it!!!!!) and turned right back around to fly down those stairs again.
Being a co-leader I’ve found that I leave each workout with a motherly pride glowing inside me from seeing you all kick loads of ass. I’m going to be glowing all weekend. Extra dessert for all of you kids. But only if you do your homework first!!!! And homework before any TV.
(psssst! Your homework for February is to give out high-5s and words of encouragement to strangers every time you go out to run/do yoga/crossfit/hike/spin/swim/skydive.)




  • March 19th, mile 19!
  • Talk to Rachel Goldstein and Molly Pearlman, your water station captains!
  • When we say “Do good, LA,” THIS is what we’re talking about! This is our chance to show the rest of LA what we’re about and to give back to the city that provides us with so many beautiful spaces to get our free fitness on.
  • Sign up to participate here.


  • If you ordered a buff, pay for it and pick it up by this Wednesday or it goes out for a free for all.
  • Don’t remember how many you got or if you paid? Check here.
  • Email to get on the waitlist for when the buffs are released next week.
Stealthy, Strong, and Still Weatherproof (LAX)
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