Every Wednesday at 6:30 am – Rain or Shine

Located in lower Allston, Harvard Stadium is one of the favorite workout spots of the November Project™ tribe. Its capacity crowd of over 30,000 people can be seated on thirty-one sets of concrete-block seats in each section of the stadium. There are 37 sections in this horseshoe shaped building, which brings the total of 1147 concrete seats that we tackle every week. Sections are separated by regular size stairs that we use to go move between the sections. To put it short and simple we run up the big seats and come down the small steps.

– Full tour – 37 sections in the shortest period of time.
– Tour of 50 – starting at section 37 to section 13 and back for a total of 50 sections in the shortest period of time.
– 35 minutes – covering as many sections as possible in 35 minutes
– Century – 100 sections in the shortest time possible

Parking has become a free-for-all within the Harvard Stadium complex and is lacking structure. All vehicles should be parked in lined spaces and should never block exits, gated lots, pedestrian walkways and entry points to the athletic facilities. Space along the stadium wall and the grass lots ARE NOT designated for parking. To address this problem we would like to encourage carpooling to reduce the number of vehicles at the complex, or alternative transportation methods like MBTA or everyone’s favorite human powered two wheelers. Please observe the posted signage as Parking Services will monitor the situation closely and acting where necessary. Harvard has been a great host to us so far, let’s return the favor by being good and respectful guests.

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