Bet you didn’t know you’d be eating #hillsforbreakfast on Wednesday and Friday this week. BUT HEY! You did it and you did it. Y’all got up that steep incline (multiple times) + the rest of the circuit AND you left with smiles on your faces. Guess what, you’re going to be FASTER, STRONGER AND SIGNIFICANTLY MORE BADASS as a result…so there’s that!


We wanted to take this week especially to remind everyone that November Project is free fitness and we want everyone to feel comfortable here. Whether you’ve never worked out before or you are an elite athlete. You #justshowup for a workout that we have designed purposely to be SCALABLE. No, I don’t mean like scaling a rock wall without a harness or a helmet, do that madness on your own time. I simply mean the workout can be done at varying levels of speed. You should workout at your own pace, all levels of fitness can be involved. My point is simple: you do you. And if someone is walking through the workout THAT IS PERFECT, TRUST that they are pushing themselves as hard as they can at that moment.


November project is this beautiful space where marathoners and triathletes of all ages can be burpeeing alongside nine year olds AND ninety-nine year olds. This morning I overheard someone say “that was the hardest thing I’ve ever done” about the hill. Which is awesome because she finished it and still was smiling! When I feel tired and my legs are sore and I’m just dragging, I use the contagiousness of positivity to pull me out. This is when COMMUNITY comes in FOR THE WIN. I call out names and cheer for individuals. Give out one “FUCK YEAH” or “YOU GOT THIS” and just see what happens. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll get a smile, or they will start moving a little quicker. And then I am willing to bet they will turn and encourage the people around them. CONTAGIOUS. Then before we know it, the workouts over and we are playing speed walking sharks and minnows.



The workouts are also designed to be hard. We want to push you to get fitter. That’s why we wake up early; put the hard work in while everyone else is still drooling on their pillows. It means we get to have way more fun over the course of our days, weeks…LIVES.

Moral of this story: every workout is very purposely scalable, push yourself as hard as you can, walk if that feels right, sprint your heart out if that feels right. All levels of fitness are welcome. Encouragement is contagious. Smile. November project is adult recess.



REMINDER: NEXT WEDNESDAY is the last day to collect YOUR FANCY NEW BLUE BUFF. After that we will resell them for $5, first come first serve or to the tribesmembers that sing the best karaoke in costume TBD.

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