Week 1 in the books.

Wow what a week, I had no idea that when John and Paul stepped down, they would be taking the nice weather with them. So far March has felt more like February when February felt like May. I thought we were supposed to be done with this crap.

ANYWAY we were dealing with the aftermath of Winter Storm Stella, which turned out to be kind of a bust in terms of snow, however did not disappoint in terms of ice. However the tribe presses on, we are after all, #weatherproof.



No amount of snow/ice/cold was going to take away from today with everyone getting ready for the NCAA basketball tournaments. LET THE MADNESS BEGIN!!! In celebration of what should really be a national holiday week, we fine-tuned our foul shots to include a little squat on the way down. Two dribbles, ball spin into a deep squat then up and SPLASH! Everyone knows when the game is on the line, you have to hit your foul shots to come up with a win.

After the clocks ran out, and the ice particles settled we definitely came up with a win, so it looks like we are moving on to the 2nd round of the Tourney (obviously).

To celebrate, we had a combined Birthday/Positivity Award: Congrats Julia Lyons!21081

Friday Workout: Castle Clinton in Battery Park City at the Southern Tip of Manhattan. It’s Saint Patrick’s Day, so plan accordingly.

Snow and Hoops Baby! (Dick Vitale Voice of course)
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