Before we feast on the Smorgasbord 1.0, I’ve got a little PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT:


Now I’m going to be real with you. I had to venture off to Good Will in search of the best, shapeless and slightly warn-in ‘dad pants‘.  You know the ones with the fake bronze, fancy belt button that sits high up on the waist with a brand name that was ‘in’ 12 years ago?!  Yeah those.  I don’t do this often, but for a brief moment, I’m going to have to throw them on and hold them from falling down…

Today, was the first day in as long as I can remember, that we didn’t have a single newbie at 6:30*.  Even 5:30 nabbed two cheery-eyed recruits.  If my 8th grade math still serves me, that’s an indefinite times more that what was produced at 6:30.  We could all be better about recruiting everyone we know (and don’t know).  Every spring chicken, wise old dweller, introvert, extrovert, adventurer, nester, city dweller or homesteader that we come across in our daily routines — let’s bring them along for this joy ride!

Here’s an example of how to recruit in mass numbers… As I’m biking through central square on my way to work, I pass by the sardine-packed bus stop only to hear someone screaming ” HAVE A GREAT DAAAAAY!”.  I turn quickly to see Benai jumping for joy as dozens of people looked up from their phones to see what was going on.  This is the PERFECT chance, while you have their attention, to give them a quick 15 second spiel on November Project.  I can assure you, quite confidently, that none of those people will actually show up, but if we all continue to recruit, people will catch on. Some of them will show up.  Then they’ll go and tell their friends about it, who’ll tell their friends about it, who will spread it to their friends and then eventually we’ll shut it down, get a VIP list and start putting people on a waiting list.

This movement is better with more humans. The awe of a newbie, their excitement — it fuels the fire.  A lot of you ask us how you can help us out.  Well for me, that’s the biggest way YOU can help.  Recruit, spread the postitivity as much as YOU can.

Alright FINALLY, it’s time to drop trou on these darn** dad pants and get back to the regularly scheduled programming.



Smorgasbord is defined on the googles as : a luncheon or supper of various hot and cold hors d’oeuvres, salads, casserole dishes, meats, smoked and pickled fish, cheeses, etc.

This workout could not be a better physical depiction of what goes on inside the heads of little boy cone#1 and #2.  Complete and utter, childish chaos. It was the Mac Daddy of Monday Decks at a spot we’ve visited every week for the last 5.5 years.  Everything that you could have ever hoped for in a workout.  Minus the pickled fish.  This mornings SMORGASBORD offered some third degree burn-inducing grub, other frostbite- stinging fare and finished with some finely aged, extra sharp morsels.

Did anyone ACTUALLY know what they were getting into when they tee’d off from the random patch of turf (donated by Harvard Stadium)?  Absolutely not.  Payne and I had no fucking clue what exactly was going on.

This Smorgasbord was alive.  An idea that was impregnated in our minds late Tuesday night***.  We officially gave birth to a healthy, bald and screaming child at 5:35 AM on Wednesday February 15th, 2017.  Weighing in at 23,410 lbs, we had to change its diapers – a lot, wipe its nose- even more and clean up most of its puke stains. But as any baby daddies would think, it was a beautiful thing.

The course was delineated by the random patches of black ice and the three open sections of stairs that the #shovelcrew spent hours cleaning.  As the baby grew from 5:30 all the way up until its puberty at 7:30, it changed.  More warning cones, palettes, trash cans, barricades, folding chairs, hurdles, lacrosse nets and stanchions were added as we figure our shit out.  It won’t be the same next time.  This workout keeps us on our toes as we scramble to figure out the conditions 15 minutes before the workout.  Here’s what Smorgasbord 1.0 looked like:

-We tee’d off underneath section 37.  Sent groups of 8-10 sprinting down the outside lane.

-At barricade #1 – 5 Burpees.

-Shuffle walk the middle lane back to barriade #2 – 5 burpees

-Shuffle walk the inner lane to barricade #3 – enter up into the stadium

-Run Sections 24-22, exit out the top under the bleachers and head back to the tower stairs near 37.

-Wonderland circuit – Bear crawl between the hurdles – 5 burpees.  Flip it around and walking lunge back.  5 burpees when you finish. Return to the start.

Repeat for 40 min.  This workout was fresh AF, hard AF and equally awesome AF.

Stepping back at 7:30 to look at the hilarious, chaotic, organic and yet somehow beautiful obstacle course that was created in and around Harvard Stadium, Payne and I were proud little boy cone parents.

You better believe we’ll be revisiting this buffet.  You won’t want to miss out on all the tasty flavors that SMORGASBORD 2.0 is sure to bring.  Continue to #justshowup.  See you on Friday. #riseofthelittleboycones



IMG_4514 IMG_4248

*This was probably for the best.  Csquared had NO waivers, No Em-Sauce Newbie meeting and jerry-rigged a course through Harvard Stadium that most definitely dug a six-foot ditch for the term #safetythird.


*** It was obviously a ridiculously romantic Valentine’s day…. Sorry Britto…

Smorgasbord 1.0
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