For all of the newbies and those that have forgotten: back in the day, when someone #verballed for a workout and didn’t show up, we wrote a ‘we missed you’ for/about them.

Let’s throw down some definitions:

  • #Verbal – a verbal commitment to show up to a workout. These are socially binding. Once a verbal is thrown down, you MUST be at the next workout. Social media counts.
  • We Missed You – a blog post written about someone who broke their verbal. It’s meant to shame that person into not breaking a verbal ever again while remaining light-hearted and funny. ANYONE can write a we missed you about anyone that broke a verbal.

This movement is all about accountability to each other and to ourselves. With that being said, I write my first ‘We Missed You’ in over a year. About who? Myself. So, on behalf of the 5:30 group, here goes:

We woke up this morning, long before the sun rose, looking forward to seeing you. We were looking forward to your obscure and often perverse innuendos during Woody’s bounces. We were even looking forward to your pre-pubescent cracking falsetto  if you lead a bounce. So imagine our surprise when we got there, and Woody was standing there alone stalling the bounce. He’d nervously look at the trail hoping to see a butthead and his dog come around the corner. Alas, you didn’t come. So like a worried dad after curfew, he called. He called and found out that you SLEPT IN?!

Dreaming about puppies

This isn’t some 8am class in college that you skip because you were out partying last night, and the professor doesn’t even take attendance! No, attendance is half the grade, and today you failed.

Are we disappointed? Yes.
Are we sad? Don’t flatter yourself. We got over it.
Will we forgive you? Depends on how many donuts you bring.

So, in conclusion: Matthew, we love you, but get your head out of your ass!


Yikes! Y’all don’t mess around. You see, when I signed my co-leader contract (totally a real thing, maybe) I proactively #verballed to every workout that I’m in town for. I was in town. I #verballed. I didn’t show. I’m sorry 5:30. To prove to you how anxious I was about being so ridiculously late:

  • On my, way too fast, run from REI to Mile High, my heart rate was red-lining the entire way
  • I’m pretty sure it was doing the same thing on the drive over
  • I didn’t get my normal pre-workout poop in until AFTER the workout… I suffered for you!
  • I didn’t even care that Woody mocked me in the bounce because I deserved it

Like I said above, this movement is all about accountability. This is me being accountable to you, and to myself. To 5:30 – I promise to get my head out of my ass.

Go make somebody’s day better,

Sleeping In: A we missed you story (DEN)
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