BG and I always contemplated ways to thank our friends and neighbors on Summit Ave for supporting our fitness and community building efforts every Friday morning in Brookline. Yeah, we had a few snags early on but we wouldn’t have things like #SafetyNinjas, Chris Marshall rule, and many amazing and supportive friends from Brookline PD, if we didn’t go through those early growing pains together. But looking back we’d do it all over again the exactly the same way. So to repay Summit Ave folks for their support and kindness we tossed around ideas like community cookie packages left on doorsteps, a get-to-know-NP cookout, or weekend block parties… But there was one idea that always stood out as an amazing and totally impossible stunt, with countless variables that would have to land just right in order for it to be successful, and this friends was the Shovel Shuffle. For “Shoffle” (see what I did there?) to go down we had to have few elements line up for us:

1. Fresh snow. The chances of having literally tons of snow falling down the night before a Friday morning workout and no one clearing it before we get there are always pretty slim. Brookline residents to a pretty darn good job of taking care of THEIR driveway and sidewalk stretches.
2. Enough large snow shovels. We assumed that most of us live in apartment buildings that have management companies to take care of snow removal issues. Consequentially this would completely remove the need of owning a shovel to clear the sidewalk. Apparently we were wrong. Our shovel per member ratio was approximately 1:2 which made for a great shovel-run-shovel workout.


3. Cult-like member following willing enough to walk/run/ski/snowshoe for miles to clear strangers sidewalks and driveways and actually shovel enough of the snow for people to take notice. This one I’m proud of the entire Brookline side of the Summit Ave hill was snow free on both sidewalks after we were done with it! Well done boys and girls, this speaks volumes about your character and badassness!

So when I got a note from our in-house mathematician Ari saying that we may have perfect Shoffle conditions courtesy of Winter Storm Hercules, I pulled this move:

I want to apologize to our neighbors that live on the Brighton side of the hill as we didn’t have enough time to get to your sidewalks. Next time we have a snow storm you will be our top priority!

On Monday we’re returning to Clemente Field Track. Make sure that you run to and back from this location to kick off your week in the best possible way. #WeekendEarned

Shovel Shuffle in Brookline
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4 thoughts on “Shovel Shuffle in Brookline

  • January 4, 2014 at 6:11 am

    Once agin, you guys are the best!! You always let me out of my driveway, you always smile and you’re always nice to my kids!!! Shoveling the snow? Amazing. 🙂

  • January 4, 2014 at 12:06 pm

    thank you, NOVEMBER PROJECT! what a surprise to wake up to cleared sidewalk and DRIVEWAY! you guys are an infusion of joy every friday AM! AND THIS WAS THE ICING ON THE ‘CAKE’!
    love ya jim &pam doyle (86)

  • January 5, 2014 at 9:02 pm

    We were up Friday morning listening to the sounds of cheering from the group making their last efforts running up Corey Park through the deep snow.  My kids and I were watching from the windows and thinking – what a crazy group of individuals doing this in the deep snow! Then I walked outside and saw that the entire driveway was shoveled! What a fantastic Friday morning gift as I was trying to get to work!  Keep up the great workouts!


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